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Immigrants who had arrived in Buffalo in the Late 1800ís resided in the area that is the past and current home of Al Cohenís Bakery. They began to share and grow in their old world customs in the new city, preserving their Eastern European heritage. The Broadway area comprised of several blocks of a market area, for people to socialize, sell their wares, and hold meetings.

Although, times have changed, the sense of community is still fostered within our business. We participate in various charities, and stand strong in our original location.

1132 Broadway

Buffalo, NY 14212


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Phone: 716-892-8148

Fax: 716-892-8150


Our Historic Location

Al Cohenís Headquarters located in the Broadway Market Area.

Orange and Yellow building is on the corner of† Broadway and Sobieski. Entrance at right side of building at Sobieski.

Al Cohenís Famous Rye Bread Bakery