Beyond Rye bread, we have many quality products

All of our items are made from using tested, tasted recipes with quality ingredients.

Our Fine Products

Our famous rye bread can be found in† many locations in WNY and more retail areas.

Our Products can be found at several of your local supermarkets, delis, and convenience stores. Ask your grocers for assistance. See our links page for additional information.

Fresh Baked Retail Products

If you are looking to carry Al Cohens products in your retail location, contact Midstate Distributors for a list of products, samples, and visit from a representative.

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Call: 716-826-6021



Fresh Baked Wholesale Products

We make a variety of frozen products such as Dora DiDomenicoís Pizza Dough, bread, and rolls, at our Al Cohenís Headquarters.

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Frozen Wholesale Products

We can create specific products according to† detailed formulas or recipes. Call to speak to to us directly with any of your creative business ideas.

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Custom Made Business Recipes


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