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Al Cohens Famous Rye Bread Bakery

Welcome to Al Cohens Famous Rye Bread Bakery and Frozen Products warehousing and distribution services

How can we help you grow

Fresh finds

Our fresh products are well loved in various grocery locations in the Western New York area and even shipped though gift services as well. 

Wegmans Grocery stores, Dashs Grocery, Tops, Budweys, Buffalo Foods Gifts and many smaller locations carry a wide variety of our products.

Keep an eye out for them in your bread aisle, as well as our fresh Dora DiDomenico Pizza dough for baking at home!

Frozen needs

'We are here to assist businesses that need to focus on consistent production by utilizing our frozen goods to stay fluid in your production, cutting down on labor costs, and having an accessible item to stay supplied to fulfill your customer demands. 

Our Relationships

Many of our clients we have wholesale connections with as well as the general population of local customers are fond of what we create and how we represent that success. 

We have created the brand of Al Cohens Products with pride and would like to share it in your home or business with you.